All of us have a friend who dresses well without being overdressed, who manages to match colors seamlessly, who combines otherwise mismatched pieces and makes them work together. He doesn’t work in the fashion industry, or very much cares about fashion itself –he’s just naturally gifted in the way that he looks cool and comfy without making a big fuss about it. Here in Rebel Basics we know the secret of comfort and fashion for men, and we plan to give it away.

Because Rebel Basics is THAT friend.

It all comes down to very simple principles: good quality fabrics, classic pieces, a handful of carefully selected fashionable garments and a no-nonsense attitude towards the excesses of the industry.

Rebel Basics is whole lifestyle choice: we’re all about balancing the best of both worlds. We do like fashion, the one that provides quality and clean cut clothing. We do love hype, in the sense that we long to provide a vantage point over the latest tendencies worldwide. But we also do believe none of these assets have to come at outrageous prices, that a nice pair of jeans and a T-shirt go all the way most of the time and that fashion, in itself, has to be put at the service comfort and not the other way around.

For all these reasons Rebel Basics is the brand of choice for people much like yourself, because there is no better runway than the street and there’s no better audience than your friends and family.

Let’s grab a beer and get us some new threads!